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Welcome to the official website of the Geothermal Power Project!

This project is supported by ALTENER II PROGRAM of European Commission. New calls for proposal of ALTENER Program can be found on the Intelligent Energy for Europe website.
The contract number is: Altener 4.1030/Z/02-045.

-The project ended in February 2005. The short description of the achieved results are accessible here.

-One of the main deliverables: The integrated feasibility study on geothermal utilisation in Hungary is completed. You can find details of this study here.

-The latest newsletter is available in .pdf format here!

-The latest maps are available with the online GIS-tool!

Temperature at the base of Pliocene-Pleistocene untis
Thickness of the Pliocene-Pleistocene strata
Temperature in 1000 m depth below the surface

- The Geothermal Power Project purpose was to develop an integrated feasibility study on installing small-scale geothermal power plants in Hungary combined by heating and balneological use through cascading system, providing a model for extended application throughout the Accession Countries and the EU-15.
- The project started on 1st of September 2003 and the duration is 18 month. The Kick-off Meeting was held on 4-6 Sept. 2003, in HÚvÝz, Hungary, where a thermal lake can be found, which is a unique natural occurence in Europe.
- The interim project meeting was held on 25-27 March 2004, in Iceland.
- Due to the initial phase of the project, the web page contains the description of the main features, achieved results, presentations, and the online GIS-tool developed during the project.

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